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Fishing Gear – Fish Better with the Right Stuff

  Having the right fishing gear is essential for success. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than spending an entire day fishing without catching any fish. I finally discovered this truth after way too many days spent fishing without results.   Let's dive right in.   Getting the Right Fishing Gear   I never really thought about the gear I was using and how that might affect my results. I thought instead about everything else. I changed sides of a lake or I changed lakes all together. I gave up my small boat for a day and tried fishing from the shore instead.   I fished in the morning, at noon, and at night. Now I know that the best...

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Definition of Fly Fishing – What is it Really?

  I’ll bet that you don't have any real idea about the definition of fly fishing. Do you? So, what really is fly fishing? Why bother asking this question?   Let's dive right in.   The Definition of Fly Fishing Is   Well, it is relevant in order to answer the question that has been a matter of public policy debate.   Definitely, this is the most obvious for the implication of fishing in certain waters or areas as clear to the phrase “Fly Fishing Only”.   Fly Fishing Only   Some can perhaps assume that this is a reasonable current phenomenon. Nevertheless, some water areas of the United States have been reserved for “flies only” as recently as 1903....

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The Sport of Fly Fishing – A Very Different Approach

  The sport of fly fishing has been around for years and years. In medieval times anglers fished for food but the sport has evolved over the years to become a real test of skills. Anyone who has become involved in the sport knows how addictive in can be – but in a very good way!   Lets dive right in.   The Specialized Sport of Fly Fishing   Fly fishing is markedly different from regular fishing. With plain fishing you use lures and often live bait to bring fish to your line and hook them. When you are fly fishing you use a fly that resembles a real insect that the fish feed on naturally.   The line is...

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