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How to Buy a Fishing Boat - It's Easy and Affordable

  Many anglers dream of fishing on a boat and want to know how to buy a fishing boat. Indeed, fishing from a boat is great fun for the whole family. It gives you access to those special fishing spots that can't be reached by land. Best of all, once you own a boat, every weekend is a family vacation.   Let's dive right in.   How to Buy a Fishing Boat Easily and Affordably When looking into how to buy a fishing boat many people are surprised by how affordable it is to buy one. But with so many options available, choosing one that fits your needs and budget can seem a bit daunting.   To help simplify the...

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Life Jackets – Different Types Needed For Survival

  The most essential boating accessories sailors should have aboard their boats are life jackets. Wearing a life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) will save your lives if you are in a boating accident because it will keep you afloat until help arrives. There are several different kinds of life jackets. You need to know about each type of life jacket to make an informed purchase.   Let's dive right in.   The Different Types of Life JacketsIf you regularly take your sail boat on the ocean, you should use an offshore life jacket. This survival life jacket is designed to keep you afloat in rough waters.   Even if you become unconscious during a sailing accident, this type...

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Fly Fishing for Steelhead – Tips and Techniques

  Fly fishing for Steelhead fish can be a challenging and rewarding experience. These amazing fish share their heritage with the Atlantic and Pacific salmon. Although they are native to the West Coast of the United States as well as in Russia, they can also be found in the tributaries of the Great Lakes. This is because they were introduced into the lakes many times in the 1800’s.   Let's dive right in.   Tips and Techniques for Fly Fishing for Steelhead   There are numerous places you can go when fly fishing for steelhead. As we’ve already said, they are most plentiful in the Western United States. You can find plenty of steelhead in the rivers of Northern California,...

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Ways to Catch Bass – Knowledge Equals Success

  Why is it so important to know the ways to catch bass? Simple, more fish. Are you catching less bass on each fishing trip? Did you ever wonder if the bait you are using is not effective? Or could it be your choice of fishing spot is the wrong location to catch a bass.   Let's dive right in.   Knowing the Ways to Catch Bass     If you are just starting out to join in the fun of bass fishing then it is important that you fully understand the ways to catch bass. How to properly bait. Which bait to use, and where the best locations for bass fishing are. The more knowledge you have the bigger...

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Buying a Fishing Rod – What to Look For

  Buying a fishing rod can be one of the most difficult parts of getting started in fishing. There are a dizzying array of options available, all claiming to be superior to the rods next to them. Before you jump into a decision you will regret, it always pays to educate yourself on just what it is you need to, and therefore should, get.   Let's dive right in.   What to Look For when Buying a Fishing RodThe first step in buying a fishing rod is to purchase a blank. This refers to the rod proper, which is a shaft of varying materials on which you mount a reel and some line. Shafts can be purchased in four different...

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