About Us

Deep Blue Fishing Supplies was created by Fishing Enthusiasts for Fishing Enthusiasts.   

The Founder is an avid Lake and Open Ocean Sport Fisherman who has been fishing since the age of 8 with his Parents and Grandparents.

For the last 44 years he has traveled extensively from Lakes to Oceans around the world to enjoy his beloved sport. In order to export and spread that fishing passion to others the Deep Blue concept was born.

Following in his footsteps the Team at Deep Blue are committed to sourcing and selling the Highest Quality fishing products available, that are in current demand, at prices you can afford.

They understand the need to have the latest and greatest fishing gear to increase the odds of landing that sought after catch!

Your complete satisfaction with your shopping experience is of utmost importance to us while you browse our fishing supplies online.

We encourage you to browse our online fishing store, take action and buy the products best suited to your fishing needs.  See you out there fishing, wherever that might be!