fish gripper with digital scale
25kg/55lb Scale Digital Fish Gripper - Deep Blue Fishing Supplies
25kg/55lb Scale Digital Fish Gripper - Deep Blue Fishing Supplies

Fish Gripper Scale

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This fish gripper scale is the perfect tool for angling enthusiasts to measure the weight and length of their catch accurately. With a heavy-duty spring action, it ensures a firm grip and anti-slip handle for easy handling.

The grip swivels independently of the handle for easy maneuvering. The spring-loaded scale allows measurement up to 25kg/55lb, and the built-in tape measure allows you to measure fish length up to 1m.

Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel gripper and tough ABS plastic, this fishing scale is durable enough for any sport or hobby. This innovative fish gripper with digital scale is the perfect tool for any angler. With its easy-to-use design and durable construction, you can be sure to get accurate measurements every time.

Get yours today and make sure you never miss a catch! Enhance your fishing trips with this essential piece of fishing gear, designed to withstand the challenges of both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Why Invest in Our Fish Gripper Scale?

Accurate and Reliable Measurements:

  • High Precision Scale: Measures up to 25kg/55lb, ensuring you have accurate weight data for your catch.
  • Integrated Tape Measure: Offers up to 1 meter of length measurement, perfect for recording the size of a variety of fish species.

Enhanced Handling and Safety:

  • Heavy-Duty Spring Action: Provides a firm and secure grip, minimizing the risk of losing your catch.
  • Anti-Slip Handle: Ensures comfortable and safe handling, even in wet conditions.

Durable and Versatile:

  • Anti-Corrosion Materials: Constructed with stainless steel and tough ABS plastic, designed to endure both freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • Swivel Action Grip: Allows for easy maneuvering and handling from any angle, adding convenience to your fishing experience.

Portable and Easy to Use:

  • Compact Design: Lightweight and easy to carry, fitting easily into your fishing kit.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple operation that can be mastered quickly by anglers of all skill levels.

Essential Tool for Every Angler:

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for casual fishermen, competitive anglers, and outdoor adventurers.
  • Boost Your Fishing Efficiency: Spend less time guessing the weight and more time enjoying your fishing trip.

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