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Summer Fishing - Means More Bait and Pests

          Summer fishing is always a great idea during the dry season. When everybody goes on vacation because of the summer days, to the nearby river or creek is the best and most productive way to spend the afternoon with families and friends.   Lets dive right in.   Summer Fishing is Great. But...   Though summer fishing requires time and yes, spending it in the same vicinity for hours just to get a satisfying catch is important. Fishing builds bonds and of course, improves your love and personal skills in fishing on your own.   Try Something New   Days that are far from winter, the dry season is a fine time to teach yourself...

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Pier Fishing – What its All About

      Pier fishing is not as widely discussed when compared with fishing connected to boats. But not every saltwater angler owns a boat. Now, that would be seen by most people as an apparent limitation to their ability and opportunity for fishing. But that is not the case.   Lets dive right in.   What Pier Fishing is All About   How can you go saltwater fishing without a boat? This a very common question that is asked.   Adding to this misconception is the fact that most fishing magazines do not mention pier fishing. Instead they feature pictures and articles about fishing that usually involves having a boat. And not just any boat.   Take a look...

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