Video Game Fishing – You Can Get “Hooked”


Video game fishing has taken off in popularity of the years. Its not only played by novice anglers but also by the pros. Some people who have never even cast a line in real life are playing them. Video game fishing is just that good!


It's the weekend and you wake up early to drive to your favorite fishing spot. But before you get dressed, you look out the window only to see that the weather forecast was wrong again. It is supposed to rain today.


So your fishing trip is cancelled, right? Wrong! You can fish right in your own living room.


The game manufacturer Activision Value Publishing Inc., has teamed up with the Rapala Group, the world's largest manufacturer of fishing lures, to create the ultimate cure for a rainy day: Rapala Pro Fishing, an ultra-realistic fishing video game that will satisfy any fishing aficionado.


Available for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo Game Boy Advance and the PC, Rapala Pro Fishing features technology never seen before in a fishing game.


In the fishing video game's true-to-life environment, you are able to fish in 12 of the top freshwater fishing locales from around the world and angle for 13 different species of fish - including largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, rainbow trout, catfish and king salmon - on some of the most desirable lakes and rivers.


The video game fishing allows you to choose from two game modes: Freedom Fishing and Tournament.


In Freedom Fishing, you choose the location, time period, and type of fish you wish to catch. This mode is for players who want to practice their skills or to simply play a quick game.


In tournament mode, you compete against anglers controlled by the game's artificial intelligence, all trying to advance to the next round.


Video game fishing tournaments range from catching the first fish, to reeling in the heaviest fish, longest fish, or the most fish in a given time period.


The realistic elements of the game - from the detail of the fish to the clarity of the water and the variety of plant life - will amaze you.


The Rapala brand not only adds its gear for use in the game, but also its expertise on the sport. While video game fishing a professional fishing guide accompanies your character in the boat, providing helpful hints and humor along the way.


With its high-quality graphics and lifelike nature, it's no wonder outdoor enthusiasts can feel right at home playing this game.


In the words of Mark Meadows, vice president of marketing for Activision Value Publishing, "Any more realistic and you would have to wear hip waders."


All game formats of Rapala Pro Fishing are available in retail stores nationwide.




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