Types of Fishing Reels – Choosing the Right One


When buying a fishing reel it’s very important to know what types of fishing reels are out there. Because the one you need depends on what kind of fishing you will be doing.


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Types of Fishing Reels to Choose From


There are mainly three different types of fishing reels and knowing the basics of each will be a great help when going to look at reels.


Closed Spin Cast Types of Fishing Reels


The closed spin cast reel is the most popular type of fishing reel on the market. This is probably because it is also the easiest type of reel to use which makes it really great for beginners. As well as those that don’t wish to spend a lot of time on their fishing line.


These types of fishing reels keep the line fully enclosed causing less tangles in the line. It is also very easy to cast due to the fact that this action is completed simply with the push of a back button.


This type of reel is best used when fishing for smaller fish. They are very light and not that expensive either.


Open Face Spinning Reel


An open face spinning reel is for those that have some experience in fishing and can manage the reel with little trouble. Experienced fishermen seem to prefer this type of reel because they have more control over the fishing line.


They are easier to use than bait casters but are still very accurate. The drawback to this type of reel is that they can become tangled easier than closed spin cast reels. This is because they do not line up with the fishing line.


When looking at buying them, these types of fishing reels fall right in the middle of the price points of other reels.


Bait Caster Types of Fishing Reels


Bait casters are the most difficult type of fishing reel to use. However, they are sometimes more preferred by those that spend a lot of time in or on water. They have many advantages for those that can use them effectively.


They handle heavy line very well and they are also the most accurate and the easiest to control. They do come with some backlash so a lot of practice is needed when learning to fish with a bait caster. They are also the most expensive type of of fishing reel to buy.


Your Fishing Needs


So now, when it comes to buying a fishing reel you can take into account the differences of these 3 types of fishing reels. Then choose the one best suited to your fishing needs and level of experience.


Happy Fishing!


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