Tackle Boxes – They Play an Important Role


You cannot have success at any sport if you do not have the right equipment. When people think of fishing, they automatically think of rods, reels, and bait. However, you cannot underestimate the power of good tackle boxes because they play an important role in the success of your fishing expeditions.


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The Important Role of Tackle Boxes


Many people covet their tackle boxes because they represent a lifetime of trials and tribulations regarding what methods work for which fish.


If you are a novice in the world of fishing, you could find yourself overwhelmed with the possibilities and choices of tackle boxes that are available. Starting your tackle box can seem challenging. But if you stick to the basics, you will be able to get started without a hitch.


The first thing that you need is to pick out a box. A tackle box should be strong and able to handle wear and tear easily. The plastic tackle boxes are usually thick and come with strong handles making it easier to lug back and forth between boat, river, and pier trips.


The Most Important Thing


The most important thing when deciding on a box is the latch. Your tackle box must have a sturdy latch because you do not want everything to spill out on the dock or into the water.


When you are in a fishing store, pull on the latch and test it before you decide on a purchase.


Some essentials to keep in tackle boxes are hooks, lines, and sinkers. Hooks are an important part of fishing because without them you will not be catching very much. The larger the number size of the hook, the smaller the hook actually is.


When you buy line, make sure that your line fits your reel. Keep an extra spool in tackle boxes for just-in-case purposes.


Sinkers are a Must have in Tackle Boxes


Sinkers are important for helping your bait to catch fish below the surface of the water. In order to get your line to the bottom you are going to need split-shot sinkers.


Sinkers are made from different materials, but the safest are the ones that are made from steel, tin, and non-toxic metals. Some of the sinkers are made from lead and they can potentially poison some types of fish.


You Need Lures


Lures are going to be the next thing that you add to tackle boxes. There are many different types of lures ranging in all colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Different fish are attracted to different types of lures.


For instance, a kingfish will be more attracted by a lure with glitter while a bass will be more attracted to a worm shaped lure. Make sure to know what the fish you are trying to catch like to eat before you buy.


Fun Gadgets to Put in Tackle Boxes


Some fun gadgets to put in tackle boxes that may be useful are the leaders, snap swivels, fingernail clippers, needle-nose pliers, practice plugs, stringers, and maps. Maps are obvious because you need to know how to get to your favorite fishing spots.


However, the other things you may need for tackle boxes require greater explanation. A leader is a piece of line with a metal core that will keep a fish from biting off the line and escaping.


A snap swivel will prevent tangles in your line and a practice plug is for casting. Lastly, a stringer will help you to keep your catch fresh in the water.


The Value of Tackle Boxes


Once you start fishing regularly you will come to appreciate the value of good tackle boxes. You will also find out which lures are useful and which ones don’t help at all. You will discover the tools that you use the most and the ones that are just collecting dust. Hopefully, you will try new things and maybe put your own spin on some old ones and build the perfect tackle box for you.


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