Sport Fishing – Enjoying the Competition


What is sport fishing? You could be competing for a trophy or you may be looking to catch the largest fish apart from all of your friends. Competitions are by far the most popular reason for sport fishing though. You can go either still fishing or fly fishing.


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The Competition of Sport Fishing


You’ll have a specific time frame and depending on the weight and the species that you catch, you may just bring home the big one. The type of line that you use is also important here. The heavier the line, the fewer points you’ll get.

There are different types of sport fishing. Bass fishing, shore fishing, fly fishing, big game fishing, troll fishing and ice fishing are some of them. The competitions are based on the group of anglers, the conditions and the type of fish they are after.


There is a wide range of options out there. You’ll be able to catch fish like marlin, walleye, salmon, shark, tuna and a wide range of others.

Equipment You’ll Need for Sport Fishing

The equipment you'll need depends on what type of fish you are after as well as what type of fishing you are doing. You’ll need to have the basics of a rod, reel and tackle.


Some sport fishing tournaments will allow you to bring along your fish finder while others will not. Make sure you take a moment to see what the rules say.

For bait, you’ll need to take with you the bait that works for the fish you are after of course. You can go from simple things such as lures and spinners to wet and dry flies, shrimp or live fish and other live bait.

Understanding Fishing Line

The type of line used in these sport fishing tournaments is often lighter than the force that the fish applies to it. Why? It's more of a challenge of course! You should purchase a high tech drag mechanism on your reel to compensate for this.


This will keep the right tension in the line when the fish takes off. Only when the fish gets tired of running will you have the ability to land them. Sport fishing can be quite challenging but that is what makes it so fun, right!

How To Fight The Big One

In sport fishing there are several methods that are used to fight hooked fish. One is the use of a game chair. The fisherman sits there and places the butt of his rod in a gimbaled mount. You’ll need quite a long rod for this and it needs to be bent correctly to fit properly.


This is not an easy task and you’ll need experience to get it right. Or, you can go with the stand up method. You’ll use a harness this time around. You’ll need to eat your Wheaties for this one though.


Are You Ready for Sport Fishing

Ready to give sport fishing a try? You may find yourself shocked by the price of it all. It can cost you up to $25,000 or more if you purchase everything outright.


You can take advantage of charter services though which will cut down on the supplies (especially your boat!) and you’ll get everything that you need.


Learn from a Professional


Take the time to learn sport fishing from a professional. They can help you to make the most out of every tournament you enter. Winning the prize can help lower these costs and make it all well worth it!


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