Life Jackets – Different Types Needed For Survival


The most essential boating accessories sailors should have aboard their boats are life jackets. Wearing a life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) will save your lives if you are in a boating accident because it will keep you afloat until help arrives. There are several different kinds of life jackets. You need to know about each type of life jacket to make an informed purchase.


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The Different Types of Life Jackets

If you regularly take your sail boat on the ocean, you should use an offshore life jacket. This survival life jacket is designed to keep you afloat in rough waters.


Even if you become unconscious during a sailing accident, this type of personal flotation device will turn your face up. With 22 pounds of buoyancy it is the best PFD to have if you are sailing in remote lakes where help may be a long time coming.


Classic Life Jackets

The classic life jackets for adults and children are referred to as near shore survival jackets. It is not as bulky as the offshore PFD and is designed for sailing in inshore waters.


This type of personal flotation device is designed for areas where you won’t have to be in the water very long before help arrives.


A Flotation Aid

For comfortable sailing, you might want to consider a flotation aid. This type of life jacket is the one used for most recreational boating activities.


These are not really survival life jackets because although they will keep you buoyant in the water and save your life, if you are unconscious they will not turn your face up.

You need to know about the different designs of life jackets in order to equip your boat with the best survival gear for your passengers.


Everyone Should Have Life Jackets


Families that enjoy sailing together should have a personal flotation device for each member of the family. Life jackets and survival vests are not as bulky and uncomfortable as they once were. Make sure the PFDs you buy for your boat are certified by the Coast Guard.


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