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If you plan to go kayaking then there are some basic kayaking facts that you should know beforehand. Kayaking is the process by which a kayak will be used to move through rivers or lakes. The kayak is a small boat that must be powered by a human. It will have a deck which is covered. Kayaking facts will also stipulate that it will feature a cockpit that is covered as well.


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The Basic Kayaking Facts


First off, kayaking facts state that a special paddle is used to push it forward. This type of boat was first invented by the Inuit and Aleut hunters in the colder regions of North America.


A contemporary kayak can come in a wide variety of different styles, and kayaking is a sport which is enjoyed by many people. Research has indicated that the kayak has existed for at least 4,000 years.

Kayaking facts state that some of them can hold a maximum of three people, but they will commonly only seat one or two people. The person will sit in the cockpit facing forward, and the spray skirt will stop water from getting into the craft.


They Were Used for Hunting


While the Aleut or Inuit males would design kayaks to be used for hunting, kayaking facts show that some kayaks were specifically designed for women. Generally, a kayak will be about 17 feet long, and could be 22 inches wide and 7 inches deep.


In the early models, the kayak could almost be compared to an additional layer of clothing. Kayaking facts show that they are commonly used today by people who practice kayaking.

Kayaking is the process of paddling a kayak on water that is usually moving. While some people consider it to be a sport, others do it for mere recreation. There are multiple forms of kayaking, and the two most common are Sea kayaking and Whitewater kayaking.


Kayaking Facts about How They Were Made


While kayaking facts indicate that traditional kayaks were made from wood and animal skins, most kayaks today are made from materials such as kevlar or fiberglass. Some people will challenge fast moving rivers by using a kayak to move through certain sections of a river.


These trips may last a single day, or could last multiple days. Whitewater Racing is a professional competition in which racers will attempt to use kayaks to outrace each other.

Among Kayaking facts the term creeking is used to describe kayaking in difficult rivers. People who practice creeking can expect to run into slides, waterfalls, and ledges. Slalom is another form of kayaking in which racers will try to get to the bottom of the specific part of a river.


According to kayaking facts not only must they move quickly, they must also move around gates, and these are poles that have been set up at certain points in the river. Most Slalom races will have over 20 gates on a single course, and they must be properly navigated.


The Artistic Side of Kayaking


Kayaking facts will tell you that playboating is another variation which places an emphasis on the artistic side of kayaking instead of the speed.

With this style, the participants will generally remain in one portion of the river, and will seek to move from one point to another.


However, they will need to work against the power of the river in order to achieve this. Kayaking facts indicate that it is a sport that is popular in places that have strong rivers. However, it can be dangerous, and some participants have died in the most difficult of rivers.


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