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Canada certainly has some excellent places to fly fish, but none offer as many opportunities as fly fishing in Ontario. You can catch a variety of fish in Ontario’s rivers and streams. Species like walleye, pike, muskie, and trout abound in trophy sizes. Just as the fish are abundant, so are the fishing lodges.


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Going Fly Fishing in Ontario


Many of the places where you can go fly fishing in Ontario are accessible only by float plane, but once you get to a fishing spot, you will be met with some spectacular scenery as well as many opportunities to catch some amazing fish!


Canadians are very conscious about fish conservation, and thanks to those efforts, there is an abundant supply of fish.


Canada Outfitters


When it comes to an Ontario fly fishing getaway, there are many different options for lodging and tours. Canada Outfitters is one place you may want to consider looking at when planning a fly fishing trip to Ontario.


They offer a secluded area with lovely cabins and all the modern amenities to make your fly fishing vacation in Ontario memorable.


Fly Fishing in Ontario at the Peace Island Lodge


Peace Island Lodge is a four-star rated full service fly fishing lodge. They have incredible fishing for monster trophy size Northern Pike, and Big Lake trout that weigh an average of more than ten pounds, and more walleye than you can possibly imagine.


There are report's that it’s not uncommon for guests to catch 100 walleye in a day. They have genuine Cree Indian guides that will lead you to the best fishing spots in the area.


Fox's Den and Sonnybob Lodge's


Another good option for fly fishing in Ontario is the Fox’s Den Lodge. This lodge offers excellent getaways for the avid sportsman. This is a secluded lodge twelve miles from the nearest road. They are only accessible by boat, train, or float plane.


Located on Dog Lake, Fox’s Den provides fly fishers an excellent experience as they fish for Northern Pike, walleye, trout, and more.


Sonnybob Lodge is located in northern Ontario on the remote Oba Lake. Like many of the lodges in the Ontario area, it is only accessible by railway or float plane. Oba Lake is known as one of the finest places to fly fish in Ontario.


You can catch large Northern Pike, whitefish, and jumbo perch. The scenery is spectacular, and the fishing is extraordinary.


There are Many Places to go Fly Fishing in Ontario


These are only a few of the places where you can go fly fishing in Ontario. Do your research before planning your trip and find a place where you can feel comfortable, while getting a vacation experience like you’ve never had before!


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