Fishing With a GPS – A Must Have Fishing Tool



Fishing with a GPS has become the new norm these days as technology continues to advance. In this day and age you would be hard pressed to find a fishing boat without some sort of fish finding device.


GPS devices have become the latest in technology and water safety when it comes to fishing.


Let's dive right in.


How Fishing with a GPS Improves Your Fishing


Fishing with a GPS is used as a means of navigation. It is also used to mark your favorite fishing spot so that you can find it again in the future.


What Is GPS


A GPS is a Global Positioning System that is made primarily for navigational purposes. They work off a network of satellites that are placed into orbit by the Canadian and United States Governments.


The best part about a GPS system is that because they operate off satellites they can be used in any weather conditions at any hour of the day or night. This brilliantly assists anglers when fishing with a GPS.


The satellites will circle the earth twice during the day and transmit signal information to Earth. The signals can then be used to calculate the user's exact location by implementing triangulation and pinpointing exact spots.


Triangulation means that the GPS receiver must be locked into three spots before a calculation of longitude and latitude can be displayed while fishing with a GPS.


Distance, Sunrise And Sunset Times


After the satellites have mapped the location the GPS can narrow in on other satellites for useful information. This includes speed, track, trip distance, destination distance and sunrise or sunset times.


As your fishing can be improved around these times fishing with a GPS becomes more important.


Fantastic Accuracy when Fishing with a GPS


The GPS system is very accurate because of the multi-channel designs that are available. A GPS will lock onto a satellite and maintain that lock through one of their channels.


A GPS fish finder is accurate up to fifteen meters while the newer models increase in accuracy up to three meters.


Benefits of Fishing with a GPS


There are many benefits to fishing with a GPS. People are using GPS more regularly and are relying on it more than the more traditional ways of navigation such as maps and charts.


If you have plot points that you have saved on a GPS you may be able to save time and frustration on the open seas by going directly to the location that had the fish the last time you went out.


Detecting Fishing Spots


Another advantage to fishing with a GPS is that it can detect hot fishing spots that may not be detected by older maps or charts.


In addition, if you find a perfect fishing spot you can share it with a friend when you go fishing on another boat.


Safety And Fishing with a GPS


Another benefit of fishing with a GPS is that they are also a great safety tool when you are out on the water.


Many times, especially if there are many people socializing on a boat, it can be easy to lose concentration. People will easily be turned around or lost and a GPS is an easy tool to use to find your way back home.


Finding Your Way Home


When fishing with a GPS if there is unexpected bad weather such as fog or heavy rain. GPS systems are also equipped with mapping software that makes it easier to find a dock.


A Rescue Tool


The GPS is so accurate that it is able to communicate exact positions to the Coast Guard or rescue crew if an emergency arises.


You can purchase a handheld GPS online or at your local marine or boating store. Ask a salesperson to help explain the different features and costs for the varying models so you know how to go fishing with a GPS.


Boats And GPS


If you decide to purchase your boat from a dealer you will need a built-in GPS. Your local boat supplier will be able to give you a reference to someone who can properly install your electronics.


More Is Better


You should never rely on just one navigation tool when you are fishing with a GPS. A GPS seems to cover all of the bases but it is still a computerized tool. You should always be proactive about your safety and always have marine maps and charts onboard at all times.


When you go fishing with a GPS you should also have a handheld radio handy in case of emergencies. You never know when you could face one. Safe fishing!


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