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Fishing spots in Florida have exploded in popularity over the past decade drawing many out of state and international anglers. In fact Florida has gained an international acknowledgement for its exceptional saltwater fishing.


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Fishing Spots in Florida for Bass


In contrast to saltwater fishing there is also the outstanding freshwater fishing spots in Florida that have not yet captured the widespread attention of the same amount of visitors.


Residents of this state are in on the secret, however; and they have three very active freshwater clubs here in Collier County.


Tourists and out of state bass fishermen are very much welcome here with many amenities and lodgings available for them. Boats and equipment are for rent and this provides a convenience for travellers.


Choosing Fishing Spots in Florida is Tough


Since Florida has more than 7,500 lakes available, anglers sometimes face a tough decision about where to fish. It is really very important to consider the different lakes when looking for fishing spots in Florida.


The following list of top fishing spots in Florida for Bass Fishing with Bass Fishing rentals aims to help anglers find a quality place to catch either a good number of bass or to catch a trophy bass.


1. Lake George


Lake George is one of the many natural lakes on the St. John’s River. It has extensive vegetation that provides excellent habitat for bass.


Wade fishing in eelgrass with plastic worms fished on the surface, and other top water artificial lures are productive. Fishing with live shiners is an excellent method for catching trophy bass during the spring spawning season.


2. Stick Marsh Reservoir


Anglers in this river can locate bass throughout the reservoir among a variety of habitats including woody stump fields, submerged canals and hydrilla.


Some hurricanes have drastically reduced the levels of hydrilla throughout the reservoir, however, which can affect where bass are located. Anglers should keep this in mind when trying to pattern fish.


Plastic worms, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft jerkbaits, and topwater propeller baits are effective. Wild golden shiners are the top choice for anglers looking to catch a trophy fish.


3. Lake Tohopekaliga


Most anglers here target trophy bass using live golden shiners during early spring. Shiners are fished inshore near native vegetation or topped-out hydrilla .


Plastic baits (worms, crawfish and lizards) flipped along grass edges, hydrilla, and bulrush will also catch quality-sized bass. Spinnerbaits, soft jerkbaits and chugging baits can also be very productive at times.


4. Fishing Spots in Florida and Lake Kissimmee


Lake Kissimmee is the largest of five main water bodies on the famous Kissimmee River in central Florida. This lake is one of the nationally renowned fishing spots in Florida for producing high quality fishing.


Tournament anglers on Lake Kissimmee are posting winning weights of 18 to 20 pounds of bass. Results of a recent angler survey indicated that bass anglers can have an excellent catch rate of 0.54 fish/hour during the spring.


5. Rodman Reservoir


Rodman Reservoir, east of Gainesville and south of Palatka, covers 9,500 acres of prime largemouth bass habitat. Since its creation in 1968, Rodman Reservoir has been known among the fishing spots in Florida for trophy largemouth bass.


6. Lake Tarpon


Of the fishing spots in Florida anglers in this lake are most successful in flipping or pitching plastic worms along canal and bulrush edges. Offshore bass fishing is productive for anglers who fish around ledges, humps, coontail, and eelgrass beds.


Popular lures for offshore include shad-imitating jigs, crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater baits. Fishing with wild shiners and live shad is also effective.


7. Lake Walk-In-Water


Another of the great fishing spots in Florida this lake is located south of Orlando and east of Lake Wales, and it is just south of S.R. 60. Lake Walk-in-Water has a national reputation as an outstanding spot to catch largemouth bass.


Anglers frequently catch up to 25 bass a day with several ranging from four to eight pounds. The lake also produces many trophy bass exceeding 10 pounds each year.


Slot and Daily Limits


A 15- to 24-inch slot limit regulation and a three-bass daily bag limit are in place to help maintain quality bass fishing.


Anglers may keep three bass per day, either under or over the protected slot range, of which only one bass greater than or equal to 24 inches is allowed.


8. Lake Istokpoga


Istokpoga is the fifth largest natural lake in Florida and ranks highly amonth the fishing spots in Florida. It has an average depth of only six feet. Recent angler surveys indicated that anglers caught 124,993 bass, of which almost 55,000 were 2 pounds or heavier, and 1,448 bass were over 8 pounds.


9. Deer Point Lake


Deer Point Lake is widely known among the fishing spots in Florida as a popular largemouth bass fishing destination in Florida’s panhandle area near Panama City.


10. Fishing Spots in Florida and the Suwanee River


The Suwannee River is a pristine, black water stream flowing 213 miles in Florida from the swamp-like region at the Georgia border to salt-marsh tidal creeks at the Gulf of Mexico. This river is known for trophy largemouth bass.


11. The Everglades


The Everglades are south Florida marshlands intersected with over 200 miles of canals. Most anglers fish in the canals rather than in the marsh.


Anglers work canal edges with plastic worms, soft jerkbaits, and minnow imitations. Flipping the vegetation is also a popular technique.


Whichever Fishing Spots in Florida


Wherever you decide to go and whichever fishing spots in Florida you choose, you can be sure that you will have the time of your life fishing and all at a convenience. You can rent out a boat and eliminate the need to tow your own boat or worse have to buy your own.


Other Gear


Other gear is also available to be rented at fishing spots in Florida for your convenience and ease. There are also many lodges and inns plus cabins you can rent out for a weekend or more when at the fishing spots in Florida.


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