Fishing in the Caribbean - What You Need To Know


This article on fishing in the Caribbean will help you find the best places to go fishing on your next Caribbean vacation. Very simply, the Caribbean is one of the most popular places to go fishing in the world. It offers some of the most incredible deep sea fishing experiences you can ever imagine.


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Deep Sea Fishing in the Caribbean


The reason for the incredible fishing in the Caribbean is that it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. And therefore there are many fish available. Since it offers year-round great weather and many great vacation spots, fishing in the Caribbean has really caught on around the world.


This article on fishing in the Caribbean will give you some great places to help you find the best locations to go fishing.


Popular Places to go Fishing in the Caribbean


First of all, the Bahamas are certainly one of the most popular places to go fishing in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean Sea, you can catch a lot of different fish, including Marlin, Sailfish, King Fish, red snapper, etc.


There is literally an endless amount of fish you can go after when fishing in the Caribbean. And which one you decide to go after is really just up to you and your personal preferences.


Great Resorts


Also, when fishing in the Caribbean, there are many great resorts to choose from. And there is no shortage of places where you can stay. The best way to find out which place to stay at is to simply go on the Internet. Then find out which places are within your budget.


There are many reviews and websites today that will show you the best places to go fishing in the Caribbean. And finding them is really not hard to do.


The Bonefish


If you do plan on going fishing in the Bahamas, your trip would certainly not be complete without targeting the island's most famous fish: the bonefish. This is one of the most exciting fish to go after. It certainly could be considered a national sport.


Even though the fish doesn't generally get very big, it is still one of the most popular fish to go after. Usually, the heaviest ones weigh in at about just over 10 pounds. And generally they are between three and 5 pounds.


Strength and Effort


However, the thing that makes it so exciting to go after them is that they are a fighter to the end. They are very hard to bring in, and it will take all your strength and effort in order to do so.


Therefore, whether you are a beginner fishermen or a more advanced one, your skills will surely be put to the test with this Caribbean fish.


Also, keep in mind that bonefish generally prefer shallower waters. They usually migrate from the deeper waters to go toward the Caribbean islands in order to feed.


The Best Way


Generally speaking, the best way to catch them is to simply go out on a smaller boat between the keys and catch them on a fly day.


When the water is as clear and shallow as it is around the Caribbean, this certainly makes fishing for these fish challenging and very fun.


Best places to go Fishing in the Caribbean


Hopefully this article will help you find the best places to go fishing in the Caribbean. And help you decide which fish to target for your next Caribbean vacation.


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