Fishing in Texas – 7 Tips for Doing It


When it comes to fishing in Texas, 2 licenses are needed. The first is called a Conservation license. This is a prerequisite a person must have before being allowed to obtain a fishing license.


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Tips for Fishing in Texas


As mentioned above to go fishing in Texas you have to start off with a Conservation license. This can be obtained from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, or TPWD. This is done by giving one’s social security number and other information that is requested.


A valid driver’s license or any valid ID with a photo must also be presented for security purposes for the license to be processed.


Once that is done, the next step to take before you go fishing in Texas is to get a fishing license. Once acquired it is not transferable nor refundable and it is only valid for one year.


Fish that are normally caught in Texas are flounder, trout and sheepshead.


Here are some tips that will help anyone who wants to go fishing in Texas:


1. The first thing to do is get the right equipment: a good boat, fishing rod, reels and bait.


2. When fishing in Texas if you are not familiar with the place, it is best to ask the locals where the best fishing grounds are then start from there.


3. Hooks come in different sizes. The right hook for your fishing trip is dependent on the kind of bait that will be used.


4. To prevent injury when fishing in Texas, especially when taking out the hook from the fish, it is advisable to do it using wet hands.


5. The primary source of food for Seagulls is fish. If there is a flock in one area it means that place is good for fishing. One should approach quietly and set the bait and just wait for the fish to start coming in.


More Fishing Tips


6. Some fish stay around when the water is clear but it is quite difficult to catch them since the fish can also see the bait. To be able to catch more fish, the best place to do it is in deep water.


7. While fishing in Texas it is also advisable to try a variety of bait when fishing. Some fish can easily be caught with one kind while others are not. It takes practice to get it right and patience for the fish to come out and haul them in.


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