Fishing in Lily Pads - With a Topwater Lure


In 2020, I went fishing in lily pads more than ever before. Why? Well, because I caught fish in them. I probably caught over 100 fish in the lily pads this year alone. Two were over 5 pounds and one over 6 pounds. So what did I do different that year? I'm glad you asked......I used a lure called the scum frog.


Let's dive right in.


Fishing in Lily Pads with a Topwater Lure

The frog was green and white, not only that but I fished it differently than ever before.


You see when I went fishing in lily pads, I used to go slow, I mean real slow. My way of thinking was that even though the bass is a fast swimmer, they would have a hard time catching up with the lure through the pads, if I retrieved it too fast.


Not only that, but, I wanted to put it in their face a lot longer by going slow on my retrieve.

Well, then I watched this other guy fishing in lily pads and he was running it through them almost as fast as any buzz bait I have seen used. I was using the same lure except slow. The outcome? Well, he was getting strikes, I mean lots of strikes, I was getting none.


I Began Getting Strikes

So, I went back over the same area I just fished and guess what? Yep, I began getting strikes, but I was missing them as the lure would get past the fish.


I thought maybe I should compromise when fishing in lily pads, so, I slowed down my retrieve just a hair and bingo, I started catching fish. That is the way I used the scum frog for the rest of the fishing season.


Fast, but not quite as fast as a buzz bait, when they would hit and miss I would stop the bait and just twitch it a few times.

This was one of my best fishing years in over 40 of fishing for bass, all due to this new retrieve.


Try Fishing in Lily Pads

As Mikey says "Try it you might like it".


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