Fishing in Lake Lanier - Variety And Quantity


Fishing in Lake Lanier has garnered much attention over the years. Located in the northern part of Georgia in the United States, Lake Lanier is one of the most popular destinations for fishing trips.


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All About Fishing in Lake Lanier


Additional water being fed from the Chestatee River allows numerous other types of fish to join the ones already in this man-made lake. Thus, it's perhaps not surprising that this stretch of water is so popular.


When it's at its fullest level, Lake Lanier boasts over 39,000 surface acres of water. Which explains why so many fishermen enjoy coming here for their trips.


With over 1100 kilometres of shoreline stretching between five counties, it's an easily accessible area to get to as well. This makes it an ideal solution for both the weekend and serious angler.


Variety of Fish


The variety of fish in the lake is what makes fishing in Lake Lanier so appealing.


Trout fishing in Lake Lanier is awesome. Not only are common brown trout freely available, but also rainbow and brook trout. All thanks to the cold waters that make their way from the bottom of the lake.


If bass fishing is more your angle, then Lake Lanier caters to those needs as well.


One-Stop Shop


Not only will you find the most common of bass in these waters, you will also find two of the four kinds of temperate bass in the lake as well. Making it an extremely convenient one-stop shop for bass fishing.


Many serious anglers enjoy sport fishing in Lake Lanier. Where there is a bigger challenge in catching the fish due to their size and fighting ability.


Striped bass frequent the waters of Lake Lanier and in excellent numbers. This particular type of fishing can be enjoyed in the peaceful surroundings that this stretch of water has to offer.


Different Water Temperatures


The different water temperatures that can be found at Lake Lanier also add to the experience. Especially if it's a more challenging fish you wish to go after.


Depending on the ambient temperatures, which can range from the coldest days in winter to the hottest in summer, the striped bass will be at various depths when fishing in Lake Lanier.


If it's colder water, then expect the fish to lie deeper where there is less likelihood of a fluctuation in temperature. A spring and early summer trip will find the fish at their highest point, usually just under the surface, making for a relatively easier catch.


Fishing in Lake Lanier offers a Pleasant Experience


With the facilities on offer, such as a water park and a golf course, as well as comfortable accommodation in the guise of either hotels or lake houses, the area surrounding Lake Lanier makes for a pleasant experience, too.


Even if you have a family and they don't share your enthusiasm for fishing on Lake Lanier, there's so much more to do that everyone can enjoy a vacation here. Leaving you with the reason for going in the first place – excellent fishing.


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