Fishing in Jamaica – You'll Find It All Here


The hardest part about fishing in Jamaica is knowing exactly what it is you want to fish! From little fish, to big fish. From standing on shore with a line, to hiring a boat with spear fishing facilities, you’ll find it all.


Let's dive right in.


You'll Find it All when Fishing in Jamaica


So the first thing to do to find a spot to fish in is to identify what it is you want to fish! All along Jamaica’s beautiful coastline – and just off it – you’ll find fish big and small. So what’s your pleasure?


The Locals


Although finding a fishing hole isn’t difficult when fishing in Jamaica, finding a boat that falls within your budget might be! You’re a tourist and as such, you’re easy pickings for the locals who hire out their boats to holiday makers.


Unless your hotel has some local arrangement, or their own vessels for hire, you are at the mercy of the locals. So you should anticipate paying well above the going rate if you want to hire a boat.


Boat Charters


You could also see if there are any local boat chartering companies that you could use instead when fishing in Jamaica.


The advantage of this is that even if you have to pay a similar price to what the locals would charge, at least you are assured of the boat being sea-worthy and equipped for the kind of trip you’re planning.


Deep Sea Fishing in Jamaica


If you want to try your hand at something more unusual, you could try deep sea fishing. There are a number of charter companies who offer their services for this.


But they aren’t all equal. So make sure that you get the one that has the package you’re looking for. Does it have tuition, equipment, length of time, distance from shore. Are they experienced in the kind of fish you’re looking for etc.


Spear Fishing in Jamaica


Anyone wanting to try spear fishing needs to find an experienced company that knows the reefs and where to fish. So ask your hotel for a recommendation.


Or do a search on the Internet before you leave home and email any possible companies located in the area you’ll be staying.


A Lifetime


Even if you don’t catch anything, the experience of fishing in Jamaica and taking part in the exercise will be something to remember for a lifetime.


As with any outdoor activity tours, check what the package includes before you make your reservation. You should know whether or not you need to supply drinks and food or if they are included.


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