Fishing For Pollock – Off the Coast of Maine


Fishing for Pollock off the coast of Maine is popular with anglers from all over North America. Pollock are considered to be the most active member of the cod family, and are found readily in the sea off the coast of Maine.


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Fishing for Pollock in Maine


Though not renowned as being a particularly big fish, Pollock are still considered to be one of the best off-shore catches around due to their strength, speed and agility.


When fishing for Pollock, once hooked, they tend to make fast, powerful runs. Which are a real challenge on lighter tackle and one which is relished by anglers up and down the coast of Maine.


Pollock can be identified by a light, lateral stripe that runs along the length of their body. The top of their bodies tend to be either olive green or a dark brown, fading to a lighter shade along their sides and a silver belly underneath.


Missing Completely


Some Pollock have a tiny chin bar bell. Though it is thought that this feature may be missing completely on older fish.


Large adult Pollock can grow up to forty inches in length and weigh in at around thirty-five pounds. However, more typical fish are around a foot in length and weigh anywhere between four and fifteen pounds.


Their meat can be eaten, though it is not considered as good a meal as cod or haddock.


Fishing for Pollock Using a Variety of Baits


Like other members of the cod family, Pollock can be attracted using a variety of baits. With shrimp, herring, clams and worms considered to be the best.


The technique used to catch Pollock can vary, with casting, trolling and jigging all proven methods which work well.


Many Maine anglers prefer to go fishing for Pollock using light tackle, which presents a real challenge when a larger Pollock takes the bait and makes a run.



Fishing for Pollock with Heavier Tackle


Heavier tackle can be used when fishing for Pollock. But it is largely unnecessary given the average size and weight of fish caught off Maine’s coast.


Pollock are predatory fish, and tend to be found lurking near wrecks and disturbances on the sea bed. With shelves and ledges making particularly good places to go fishing for Pollock.


Pollock are fairly common off the coast of Maine, and popular areas for fishing for Pollock include the Gulf of Maine and the south-western area of the Scotian Shelf.


Popular Destinations


Both areas are renowned for cod and haddock as well as Pollock, making them popular destinations for chartered fishing trips.


Though Pollock are one of the smaller fish targeted by deep sea fishermen, their speed, agility and fighting nature present everyone from the absolute beginner to the seasoned angler with a fierce challenge.


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