Fishing for Cod – Off the Coast of Maine


Fishing for Cod in Maine is a very popular pursuit. Few anglers can resist the opportunity to fight and land a trophy fish. Which is why deep sea fishing in Maine continues to be so popular throughout the fishing season.


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Going Fishing for Cod in Maine


Though Maine’s many waterways are home to a considerable number of larger species, few compare to the cod. Which can be found just a few miles off the coast.


With that in mind, thousands of anglers take to the seas between July and September on their own boats or chartered trips in search of that once in a lifetime catch.


Whether you fish regularly, or are just a beginner looking for a challenge, deep sea fishing for cod provides the perfect answer.


Ground Fishing for Cod


Deep sea fishing is often referred to as ground fishing, whereby the aim is to fish close to the seabed. Species such as cod are bottom feeders, which mean that they scavenge for food along the seabed. So ground fishing is the most productive technique to use when fishing for cod.


Cod will take a variety of baits, including artificial lures, baited feathers, sand eels, squid, mussels or crab. Other baits may also work when fishing for cod. Depending on the mood of the fish and the food sources that are typically available in the area.




Like many other saltwater species, cod can typically be found near disturbances on the seabed. Rough ground, ledges, wrecks and other obstacles are all excellent places to find cod. And it is well worth researching these locations before you head out fishing for cod.


It is possible to catch cod on clearer ground. Though you are much more likely to come across the odd group rather than a constant supply of fish.


Deep sea fishing for cod requires moderately heavy duty equipment, which you will be thankful for if you are lucky enough to end up with a forty pound cod on the end of your line.


Rod and Weighted Line


While fishing for cod many deep sea anglers recommend using a six to eight foot fifty pound class rod coupled with a similarly weighted line. Though the majority of your catches will be safely under this limit, you never quite know what is on the other end of your line.


Cod are an excellent starting point for those looking to try deep sea fishing. Their scavenging nature ensures that they will accept a wide range of bait, and with the odd fifty pound monster lurking off the coast of Maine, are far from a small catch.


Fishing for Cod has an Added Incentive


The added incentive of being an excellent meal make cod an attractive target for any would-be deep sea fisherman, and with so many chartered trips running throughout the fishing season, there is no excuse not to get out there and give it a try.


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