Fishing after it Rains – How it Works


Fishing after it rains is a great fish catching opportunity. Want to know more? Well sit back and read on.


Let's dive right in.


How to Successfully go Fishing after it Rains


Fishing after it rains is all about taking a break and getting side-tracked from your normal daily activities towards the end of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. Even if only for a brief period of time.


Just after the storm moves through, grab your fishing rod and head for your nearest canal, seawall or beachfront and make a few casts with your favorite fishing lure.

When fishing after it rains - Keep it simple. Do not make an ordeal out of it. Get to the nearest body of water you can reach.


Salt or Freshwater


It could be saltwater fishing off of a dock, beach or jetties for snapper, trout, redfish, flounder, tarpon or snook; or a fresh water river, pond or canal for bass.


Just take a spinning rod and reel, and a couple of easy fishing lures like soft plastics and topwater plugs.

Fishing after it rains is pleasurable, relaxing and productive. On many occasions such as this my work day will suddenly stop!


I then get up out of my chair which is perched in front of my work computer, immediately grab my fishing rod and head off down to the fresh water canal behind the house and start throwing a soft plastic lure or worm.


Fishing After It Rains at Storm Drains


When fishing after it rains I often concentrate my casts around the storm drains since noticing that the bass will often times congregate around these after a storm. Possibly waiting for their next meal to wash out of the drain.

Depending on when you make it to the water after the rain storm, you may find yourself standing and fishing in a rain drizzle.


That is ok. Just relax, cast, take long deep breaths and enjoy the moment. Just be careful not to be out during any remaining lightning. Fishing after it rains is not only therapeutic, you will catch fish too!


Calm Period


Not being a scientist, I can not tell you why, maybe it's the change in pressure, but you will probably notice that many times after a storm moves through the bites will turn on during the calm period.


Take advantage of this fishing opportunity when you can. You will be glad you did.


Fishing after it rains will enable you to clear your mind of the strains and tensions that your normal work day puts you through, sometimes catch a few fish, then get back to your day feeling just a little bit better.



The inspiration for this modest writing came from my own recent fishing after it rains experience. And yes, I was even lucky enough to catch six bass in a short period of time. After the biting was over, I quickly returned back to my computer and typed these thoughts.


Give fishing after it rains a try for yourself and see if it brings you the same luck that it brought me.


Now I'd like to hear from you.


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