Fishing – Is It In Our Genes?


Fishing has played an integral part in human history. Sea foods were an important part of our natural food resource thousands of years ago. And even now, men still fish to put food on the table.


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Fishing and Human Evolution


People living in tribal lands still fish for survival. They don’t have good old McDonald's to go to or the local supermarket to buy their weekly groceries. They have a wooden rod with a spike at the end of it to catch their meals.


This is how we all lived at one time; it was in our nature to hunt and fish to survive.



Although more women are getting involved in the act of fishing, fishing was primarily a male sport. The fellas would grab their rods early in the morning, meet up with their pals and go out for a days fishing.


Is Fishing really in Our Genes?


This leads me to wonder whether or not fishing is in our genes. As a cat would naturally catch a mouse, a man would naturally catch fish. And even today, that gene is still roaming around giving us the urge to fish.


Generally people don’t need to fish anymore to ensure they will eat, but still, people still have the desire to fish.


Even today estimates show that fish accounts for 17% of the worlds meat consumption.


Trading cod has been going on for more than 1000 years and is now one of the longest lasting trades in history.


40% of the Population


US Statistics say that in 2017 nearly 40% of the population went out hunting or fishing. And in 2012 the UK alone consumed 410,000 metric tones of fish.


So as well as fishing for fun, we still eat fish as part of our normal diet.


Fishing is now generally classed as a sport for either recreation or competition. You can either go out on your local river, or you can book a trip on a charter boat and go deep sea fishing.


If you go out fishing for the day and don’t get a bite, you may come away defeated, but if you go out and come back with a big fish, you feel a certain buzz and sense of achievement.


We Eat Tonight!


Have you ever been with someone fishing when they catch a big fish, or maybe you have been fishing by yourself and had a good bite and you say jokingly “We eat tonight!”?


Perhaps this could be due to the natural instinct within us from centuries ago where men would go out fishing and when they got a good bite, they knew that they and their family were going to eat that night.


Fishing is a Part of Our Lives


What we do know is that fishing is a part of our lives today as well as a part of our history, and perhaps it is a natural instinct for us to fish. We enjoy the act of doing as much as we like to eat fish as a part of our diet.


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