Deep Sea Fishing Trips - The Must Have Essentials


If it’s your first time thinking about deep sea fishing trips, there are some essential things to know to make them fun-filled and successful. Here are some of the key points to consider when considering taking one of these trips.


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The Essentials for Deep Sea Fishing Trips


Overlooked Things to Bring


For sure fishing equipment, food and clothing are the ones that are always remembered by people to bring on deep sea fishing trips. However, there’s still some other stuff that a lot of people overlook bringing with them on a trip.


One good example would be a cooler. Bringing one with some ice, icepacks or even frozen water bottles are very important. Since this is what you’ll use to retain the freshness of your catch and keep it cold.


Another one would be spare cash. Other than being vital for emergencies, you will need this just in case you get a really big fish and you want to get in on a betting pool.


Tipping the Crew


You will also need this for tipping purposes for the crew providing you help and good service throughout your excursion.


Also seasickness medicine would be important too. Dramamine is one effective solution for that problem. For those who are already used to boats, this kind of problem may seldom be encountered.


However, it would still be beneficial if you pack a small first aid kit. Try to bring band-Aids, stomach medicine, tissues, and disinfectants in the kit, just in case minor injuries occur during the trip.


Best Locations For Deep Sea Fishing Trips


Some of the best locations to take deep sea fishing trips are:


Bodega Bay and San Diego in California; Wildwood, or Cape May in New Jersey; Boston and Cape Cod in Massachusetts; Daytona Beach, Destin, Key West and Miami in Florida; Freeport, Galveston and Port Aransas in Texas; Gloucester in Maine; Ocean City in Maryland; and Point Pleasant in New Jersey.


These spots offer you a variety of fish to catch. They also offer you different views and experiences with nature. Each spot has their own pro’s and con’s. However, one thing’s for sure they are all great deep sea fishing spots!


General Deep Sea Fishing Overview


In general, deep sea fishing trips can last from four to eight hours, or more depending on how long you want them to be. You can arrange trips with your charter or party boat in the morning or afternoon.


In fact, if you have a special occasion, you can even schedule evening deep sea fishing trips. You can also do this if you’re the night owl type that might not be back to shore until the wee hours of the morning.


If you take one of these late night trips, especially during the colder months bringing a thermos that is full to the brim with steaming tea, hot chocolate or coffee would be a great way to keep yourself alert and warm during the trip.


Deep Sea Fishing Trips Have Freebies On The Side


The great thing with these fishing trips is that sometimes you can get freebies on the side. Other than the adventure of being out on the water, you may be graced with the appearance of some dolphins too.


There are cases in which you can also have a glimpse of sea birds that are chasing each other playfully. However, the situation will not always be like this. Since factors like location, weather, time of day and how many people you are with on your boat could affect whether you’d see such sights.


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