Canadian Fishing Trips - The Ultimate Experience


Canadian fishing trips are very popular both in Canada and among international anglers. Fishing is a favorite pastime for millions of men, women and children around the world. But if you want to experience the ultimate in fishing adventures, come to Canada!


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Canadian Fishing Trips Offer the Ultimate


Not only does Canada offer the best in fish varieties most of the year, but it also offers spectacular scenery. There are abundant freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. As well as a wealth of other adventures just waiting for you.


Many Types of Canadian Fishing Trips


Canadian fishing trips offer not only salmon and trout, but halibut and pike and a vast variety of others. Fishing in Canada also offers fly-fishing and ice-fishing. As well as fly-out fishing camps for exceptional experiences and adventures.


Canadian fishing trips offer all-season fishing along the coasts as well as every province in the interior of her vast wilderness domains.


With Canadian fishing trips you can fish alone or in groups. From a tent camp to the ultimate in fishing lodges.


Canada is More


Canada is more than rustic wood cabins. It offers fishing resorts that include fine wine and dining, spas, massages and entertainment for the rest of your family. If you bring them along.


You can fish at an open, popular site or be dropped off in the wilderness. Canada's streams, rivers and lakes offer plenty of opportunities to snatch pike, trout, salmon, walleye and dozens of other fish species.


Thousands Upon Thousands


Thousands upon thousands of square miles will delight your fancy. No matter what you're looking for on a Canadian fishing trip.


You can rough it or be pampered. Canadian fishing lodges can offer you and your loved ones an experience they wouldn't have thought possible in such wilderness settings. From hot tubs to mud baths to offering banquets and catered dining.


All Season Sports


When you're on a Canadian fishing trip and not fishing, try other all-season sports. Such as horseback riding, sledding, skiing, snowmobiling and hiking.


Canoeing and 4-wheeling are favorite past times for many native Canadians. Guides are available from most fishing resorts and lodges. They offer tours that can last anywhere from several hours to several days or more.


According to Taste


Canadian fishing trips and vacations are offered according to taste and desires. Ask yourself what exactly it is that you want to do before you begin planning a Canadian fishing trip. Are you interested in hooking a particular type of fish or not?


Do you want to visit the coast or the interior? How much time can you spend? Are you coming alone, with friends, or with family?


What time of the year do you want to come to Canada? And most important of all. What is your budget?


Do Research on Canadian Fishing Trips


It doesn't matter what your answer is to these additional questions. You're bound to find some perfect Canadian fishing trips with a careful Internet search.


Or, visit your local travel agency or AAA office. They can help you plan a dream-come-true trip that will offer lasting memories.


More to Offer


Whether you're coming to Canada merely to fish or to participate in other outdoor sports and adventures, Canada has more to offer than most people imagine. All it takes is a little planning, a bit of research, and you're halfway there.


What Are You Waiting For?


Now, what are you waiting for? Start looking into those once-in-a-lifetime Canadian fishing trips now!


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