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With BVI yacht charters you can choose to take a diving charter and learn to scuba dive in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. You can also choose to take a yacht charter where you will learn to sail. Or even choose a luxury charter where you will have your own floating resort with amenities of all kinds at your fingertips.


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See the British Virgin Islands on BVI Yacht Charters


Flying to the British Virgin Islands is not expensive. And when several couples book one of the yacht charters available it is about the same as staying at an all-inclusive tropical resort.

BVI diving is rated as one of the best diving experiences in the world. There are over sixty dive sites you can visit with one of the yacht charters.


BVI yacht charters will take you to many unexplored reefs. Or if you want you can dive in one of the National Parks. Where there are buoys for yacht charters to use.


Vertical Walls and Shipwrecks


With the many vertical walls and shipwrecks, by booking one of the yacht charters specializing in diving you might just discover a sunken treasure ship.

The year round temperature in the BVI's is suitable for swimming and diving all the time. The seas are calm and there are no currents to worry about when you book one of the BVI yacht charters.


The dive sites are all located in sheltered coves. And if you have sailing experience, you don’t have to hire a captain or a crew. You can enjoy bareboat sailing with your yacht charter.


All Types of Yachts


BVI charter companies have all types of yachts from bareboats to luxury yachts capable of carrying 8 or more passengers.

You can have the ultimate honeymoon with BVI yacht charters. With its quiet pristine beaches, you can be alone in paradise with fabulous accommodations and dining on board the yacht.


With honeymoon yacht charters, BVI companies can meet you on any of the islands, except St. Croix. In case you decide that you want to spend a few nights at a hotel before you get on board the yacht.


The Perfect Honeymoon


With crewed yacht charters, you will have the perfect honeymoon where you have a crew ready to wait on you hand and foot.

BVI yacht charters offer discounts for families looking for the perfect vacation. You can choose to have a captain only yacht charter or one with a full crew. If you have young children, you might think that a yacht charter may be dangerous. But it is perfectly safe.


Children and BVI Yacht Charters


The only thing you need to keep in mind when booking a family yacht charter in the BVI's is that the crew does not look after the children for you. You have to do this yourself.


BVI yacht charters have all the information you need available online so you can browse the many charters available and choose the one that best meets your needs.


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