Buying a Yacht – What Types to Look For


Have you ever thought about buying a yacht? Everyone out there likes the idea of a shiny new boat. While buying one is an accomplishment in itself, you shouldn't spend over your budget then be unable to take it anywhere.


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Types to Look For when Buying a Yacht


When buying a yacht, always look at what comes with the boat and decide if it's everything you want.


Types of Construction




When buying a yacht you should note that almost all of the yachts out there today are made of GRP construction. GRP material is long lasting, strong, and easy to repair. Osmosis is the only real problem here, as the blisters it leaves can be costly to repair sometimes.




Steel is always a great idea when looking at buying a yacht, as it is by far the strongest material. There have been steel boats ran onto reefs and banks and they received just a few mere scratches. Even though steel has many advantages, rust is the true enemy here.


If you choose to buy a yacht made of steel you must keep all surfaces thoroughly painted, primed, and ready to avoid all types of rust.




Although rare in the normal cruising market, aluminum is very popular with the construction of top quality custom built yachts.


If you are looking at buying a yacht constructed of aluminum, always make sure that it wasn't constructed by an amateur yacht builder - as this can cause major problems later on down the road.


Buying a yacht made of Wood


Even though it's the oldest traditional building material, wood still has a lot to offer. If you get the right kind of wood, it can last just as long as any other type of material.


If you are thinking of buying a yacht made from wood you need to know that the maintenance costs can be very high with wood, especially if you do your own painting.




Concrete type boats have been around for a long time. A cheap method of hull construction, it was very popular in the 70's. If done properly, it can be a very strong method of yacht construction.




The most popular choices, when looking at a rig, include sloop, cutter, and ketch - in that particular order. Sloop has the virtue of simplicity, while ketch and cutter rigs will split the sail plan into more easily managed areas.


A ketch rig can sail under mizzen and headsail alone, while cutter rigs can offer a simple twin headsail with a downwind option.



Essentials versus Desirables


Before you begin looking at buying a yacht, make a list of what you must have then make a list of what would be nice to have.


There are many additions and add ons you can get for yachts, although they can get very expensive in a hurry.


Plan out Your Budget when Buying a Yacht


When you are thinking of buying a yacht, always plan out your budget before you even start looking. A nice yacht can cost a lot of money, which is something you may need to save up for. Yachts are great to sail on, especially for those who have a lot of money to spare.


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