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Have you ever heard of a boat water maker? Advanced technology has truly helped make people’s lives easier, more convenient and even healthier. Just take the case of the water we use every day whether for personal, commercial or industrial use. Thanks to the technology of water makers, we are now able to savor pure, fresh water. Without having to worry about its effects on our health and on the things we use them for.


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The Benefits of Having a Boat Water Maker


An important use of water makers is for sea vessels like sail or power boats and yachts. The boat water maker makes use of the desalination system to remove salt and other substances from water.


And make it suitable for use on board from washing down the boat, cooking, drinking, washing the dishes, making ice, bathing and doing the laundry.


A typical boat water maker can produce around 170 to 6,800 gallons per day. While a commercial one can produce a maximum of 50,000 gallons per day.


A boat water maker also known as a sea water desalinator is very inexpensive. But the benefits you can get are enormous. Besides being economical, it can also save you time and effort. And most of its running costs are actually just for the electricity.


And if used properly with the right routine maintenance, this device can last up to 20 years.



A Boat Water Maker Can Save You Money


A desalinator on board can save the boat owner money. As they no longer need to buy purified water elsewhere for use while on their vessel.


Also, when they have a boat water maker they do not need to store several gallons of water on board which would otherwise just add on weight to the boat. As well as take up space and increase its fuel consumption. This, of course, allows the vessel to take longer voyages and at a faster speed to boot.


In addition, a boat water maker on board is very convenient as it allows you to do many things similar to what you do at home like cooking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes. All without having to worry about contamination or conserving water.


And with fresh water always available, washing your boat is easy and requires little effort in drying it. Fresh water also helps protect the boat’s rigging and hull.


Reverse Osmosis System


A desalinator utilizes the reverse osmosis system in purifying seawater. Fifty years ago, this system was originally developed to make clean water for industrial use. It is considered the most rigid method of water purification on a large scale.


But through the years, its usage has expanded to marine water makers and home water purifiers. Reverse osmosis takes place when pressurized seawater passes through a semi-permeable membrane where up to 99 percent of salts, contaminants and pollutants are removed.


The semi-permeable membrane allows only water to pass through but not ions or larger molecules such as bacteria, glucose or urea. So at the other end of the membrane, fresh, potable water is produced from either seawater, salty bore water or recycled water.


A Boat Water Maker Is Not Operated For Long


A reverse osmosis desalinator is normally operated for only part of the day from four to six hours depending on the amount of fresh water needed. To determine the gallon per hour rating, first find out where pure water will be used and the daily amount needed. Then divide the total gallon usage by the number of hours the boat water maker will be used.


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