Boat Shows – What They Offer to Boaters


Boat shows are great for new and experienced boaters alike. It doesn't matter if you were born on the water or if you just started lake boating with your buddies, a boat show may just be the perfect, fun outing for you to go too.


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What Boat Shows Offer to Boaters


Boat shows are held all over the country, from Seattle to Chicago to Miami. And they include not only boats, but seminars, new product displays and more.


If you are interested in seeing a boat show near you, ask your local lake officials where and when the nearest show is coming.


Here is what most boat shows cover:


About a gazillion boats


At it's core, a boat show is in fact a showing off of boats. Meaning you can shuttle around the water checking out some of the most prestigious, shiny new boats from other boaters.


The bigger shows could have upwards of a hundred or more boats while smaller shows may have 10 or 20 boats.


The boaters that are displaying their boats often prepare for this event for some time before hand, to make sure their vehicle is clean and ready. If you want to have your boat displayed in a show, talk to the event hosts well in advance.




Most boat shows also have seminars for different things relating to boats. Seminars may inform you of the best ways to clean certain parts of your boat or may include guest speaker appearances.


The seminars are either held on a bigger boat docked on the water or on shore.


New product give-a ways


Retailers from the boating industry flock to boat shows. Since boaters navigate their way to a boat show when they are around, retailers find it the best place to sell boating equipment, parts and boating accessories.


Many of these retailers do raffles, free product give-a-ways and more. If you are looking for equipment, a boat show is often a good place to go.


The Place To Be


Boat shows are held all over the nation and are the place to be for interested boaters. Free entertainment, great boats, boating apparel, food and more are often available. It isn't uncommon for thousands of people to attend these boating events.


Similar Interests


The boat shows bring together boaters with similar interests and sometimes last several days. Some of the bigger boat shows in the United States include: The Seattle Boat Show, the Fort Lauderdale International Show, and the Atlanta Boat Show.


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