Bass Fishing in the Everglades – A Unique Experience


Most anglers agree that bass fishing in the Everglades is a unique and captivating experience. Many people visit this unique environment expecting the stereotypical swamplands depicted in old black and white movies. What they find is one of the country’s most extraordinary natural formations.


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Going Bass Fishing in the Everglades


Thousands of kinds of fish, dozens of endangered species and land forms unlike anywhere else in the United States can all be found in the Everglades.


These surroundings also provide some of the best largemouth bass waters in the country. However, anyone who spends time bass fishing in the Everglades will discover more than just an angling adventure.


One Million Acres


In a park that boasts more than one million acres of natural terrain and two thousand miles of canals along with a whole lot of alligators, the visiting fisher might be wise to take along a professional guide.


Enlisting an experienced local for bass fishing in the Everglades can make the trip more enjoyable and productive. As well as less tiring.


In addition, employing a guide means a visitor to Florida doesn’t have to personally purchase a state fishing license. Instead he or she fishes under the auspices of the guide’s license.


A Licensed Guide for Bass Fishing in the Everglades


A licensed guide will soon have a bass fisher just where he or she wants to be: Navigating the channels in search of the lushly vegetated flats where literally hundreds of hungry bass are looking for dinner.


Once on the water, even the novice fisher will find that casting a line generally results in hits. Not just from trophy size largemouth but from feisty peacock bass as well.


Largemouth bass over fifteen inches long and weighing in at more than five pounds are not uncommon in Everglade waters. Anglers who like a good fight will get it from the largemouth’s smaller but hard scrabble peacock cousin.


Catch and Release


Although the park strongly encourages catch and release an enthusiastic angler won’t go home without a memento of their visit. Remember, all a taxidermist needs to provide a conversation piece wall hanging are the dimensions of the fish and a good picture.


Do the Everglades a favor, handle the bass with care and don’t take more than your fair share.


Also be aware of the extreme temperatures which can decrease the pleasure and lower the productivity of any bass fishing in the Everglades.


Early Morning and Dusk Bass Fishing in the Everglades


Consider early morning and dusk fishing when the waters are cooler, more oxygenated and livelier. Be sure to dress for success: Light weight shorts, vented shirts, billed caps, polarized sunglasses and lots of sunscreen are must haves.


All in all, for the fisher looking for a one of a kind trip, bass fishing in the Everglades may be just the ticket. So, get in touch with a guide and pack up your gear. Don’t forget the sunglasses and head out today for one of the nation’s true natural wonderlands: The Florida Everglades.


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