Bass Fishing in Florida – A Family Adventure


Bass fishing is one of America’s top pastimes and when bass fishing in Florida they take it to a whole other level.


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Going Bass Fishing in Florida


Many people indulge in this activity for their therapeutic wonders. Great relaxation and the exhilarating feeling of catching a big bass fish is its biggest drawing power.


Many memorable times are experienced between friends and family while bass fishing in Florida.




Not all states are blessed with having great places to go bass fishing. Residents of Florida though have a great reason to be happy because they are one of the states in America that do have many places to bass fish in.


In fact, many lakes have been transformed into wonderful bass fishing trip destinations to accommodate the demand for bass fishing in Florida.


Many of them have been developed, provided with lodging and rental establishments to cater to the needs of bass fishers.


Side Trips


Aside from that, there are also many interesting side trips you can take your family too. Bass fishing in Florida is an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Southwest Florida has already acquired worldwide recognition for its exceptionally rich saltwater fishing. But its richer freshwater fishing could never be forgotten by anyone who has tried it.




Local residents are brought together by a series of regular competitions organized by three very active freshwater clubs in Collier County.


There are also some open competitions that can be enjoyed by out of town fishermen. They can either compete or just plain watch the excitement going on.


Common Focus


Friendly tournaments are a great common focus of all of these clubs. Other fish species are never left unnoticed and untargeted. That makes Florida not just famous for bass fishing.


The state of Florida is blessed with beautiful and rich lakes that are great for fresh water fishing. Bass fishing in Florida can be enjoyed throughout its southwest regions. There are also ponds, canals and creeks in other places that have good numbers of bass as well.


Websites for Bass Fishing in Florida


There are also websites created to provide information and invitations for bass fish loving and catching aficionados to come, sample and prove that not all big fish are caught by professional fishermen.


These websites provide some great details on what you will discover and experience when you go there.


They center on the bass fishing aspect of the trip and also the other activities you can do while being there. They will also help you to plan out your trip and set up an itinerary.


Owners and Tourist Boards


The resort owners and the local tourist boards create most of these websites. They provide great services as well as packages for either a small or large group. They will provide you with all the information you may ever need about bass fishing in Florida.


Guided tours are also offered and guides for bass fishing as well.


All the Best Spots for Bass Fishing in Florida


For those just starting out in bass fishing, Florida has some of the best bass fishermen to help you and teach you as well as share some of their experienced tips. They know all the best spots to go to and the best gear to use.


Lake Kissimmee


One of these places is Lake Kissimmee in Central Florida. Experience the thrill of fishing for giant lunker largemouth bass in this famous lake resort. They have comfortable lodgings as well as great rentals for anyone who wants to try to catch the “big one”.


Aside from that, Lake Kissimmee is just a stone's throw away from Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and the metropolitan Orlando area. This means that even the kids will enjoy the other aspects of fishing in Florida.


You will see and enjoy the perfect “real Florida” getaway adventure everyone would like to have in his or her lifetime.


Other Places for Bass Fishing in Florida


Aside from the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, you can go to Stickmarsh/Farm 13, Blue Cypress, and Walk-in-Water any time for more great bass fishing.


The famous Indian River Lagoon offers fishing for Redfish, Snook, Trout, and Tarpon aside from bass fishing. You get a variety of catches.


The Trip


So plan that trip to go bass fishing in Florida now. Visit the various websites to show you the highlights of any trip down to Florida. Just type in a keyword on any search engine and see for yourself how a week of bass fishing could provide excitement for your family.


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