Bass Fishing for Beginners – A Starting Point


Bass fishing for beginners is a highly searched for phrase on the internet and one of great interest. Bass fishing in the USA is a great combination of sports, adventure and recreation. Going after bass, means pursuing black bass, a type of bass. Bass fishing has certainly caught the fancy of Americans.


Let's dive right in and look at bass fishing for beginners.


A Guide to Bass Fishing for Beginners


You will find morning shows on TV about bass fishing. You will find thousands of websites exclusively on bass fishing. Bass fish is not about catching and eating. It is about catching and releasing.

Bass fishing is a great sport which doesn't need the skills possessed by a football athlete or the resilience of an acrobat. You need to be obsessed with the 'catch'. Hours of practicing can elevate you to the level of being called a pro.


Bass fishing is about catching various species of bass - large mouth bass, small mouth bass, Kentucky bass, spotted boss, etc.


Smaller Ponds

Experts advise that bass fishing for beginners should start in smaller ponds. They should avoid large lakes for this reason. Once you have gained enough confidence, then and only then move to deeper areas in lakes.


Bass fish love to play hide and seek. Their natural habitat is behind rocks or plants or any such structures in the water body. Look for bass in such places.


It is not necessary that the fish will be around large structures only. In fact, you have an equal probability of finding fish near a smaller structure.


Great Vision

Bass fish have great vision - they can see easily in the night as well as the day. Their see and feel organs work simultaneously. Bass fish are also supposed to have taste buds outside their mouths as well as inside them.


This can help them avoid any unwanted situation. These characteristics make bass fishing such an exciting sport activity and a great pastime for people in their leisure time.

When it comes to bass fishing for beginners, one needs a set of equipment for bass fishing. This includes a pole, reel, hook and baits. Baits are available in many varieties chiefly, jigs, crank bait, spinner bait and plastic worms.


Bass Fishing for Beginners and Crank Baits


It is recommended for beginners to start with crank baits and then advance themselves through spinner baits to plastic worms. Plastic worms need the most skill and practice.


While Crank baits are suitable for bass fishing for beginners, it is the spinner baits which are popular among experienced anglers and seasoned fishermen.



There are many bass fishing tournaments. Premier among these are the American Bass Anglers Fishing Tournament and the Super Bass Tournament. Enthusiasts from all over the country take part in these tournaments.


The Most Valuable


Bass fishing brings so much excitement today that it has become the most valuable freshwater sports industry.


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