Bamboo Fishing Rods – Still Around and Used Today


You may not have known that bamboo fishing rods were the true original fly fishing rods pre-dating our current versions. They were used for a long time before they came along.


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Bamboo Fishing Rods Are Still Around


Modern technologies have developed a lot of easy and convenient things for us. For anglers who love to catch fish, one of modern technology’s contributions is evident with the development of the fly fishing rod.


Largely Replaced


The modern versions have largely replaced bamboo fishing rods as the staple fly fishing rod seen today.


Originally fly fishing rods were simply made from bamboo and split cane.


But before bamboo was discovered for fly fishing it was the tropical wood called greenheart. It can be found in the province of Guangdong in China and was commonly used as the material for rods in fly fishing.


Bamboo Fishing Rods are Still Popular


Surprisingly, these rods have retained their popularity despite the growing number of fiberglass and graphite-made rods. The reason behind this could very well fall on the grace and durability of bamboo materials.


Bamboo fishing rods or split cane rods are well known for their fine form, solid mass, strength and of course the grace it offers for fly fishers.


Quality Above All with Bamboo Fishing Rods


Another reason why this type of rod is still being used today is because the process of selecting, crafting and finishing one rod takes a long time and the quality it gives is unquestionable.


For advanced fly fishers rods made of bamboo are often chosen over the ones made out of fiberglass or graphite. The time consumed and dedication that a rod maker gives is already a statement of quality and assurance.


An Expensive Choice


But selecting these bamboo rods is also expensive. Quality rods can cost up to US$2,000.


Rods made by contemporary builders make for a tough competition as well against the expert makers of split cane rods. This is because the finished product can cost nearly as much as the quality rods.


A Different Effect


When it comes to casting, these fishing rods give a different effect.


For people fascinated by fly fishing for leisure get to experience a soft or slow style of casting whereas for people who indulge in this hobby competitively, these rods give a great performance in freshwater fishing situations.


If you are looking for a truly unique fishing experience then bamboo fishing rods can give that to you in spades!


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